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Cloud infrastructure strategy and design

We will evaluate your current infrastructure, processes and people against your business goals to determine the best areas for improvement and most appropriate cloud solutions. Using this as a foundation, we will develop a short-term and a long-term plan that covers cloud migration and cloud-native technologies adoption.

AWS Consulting
GCP Consulting
Azure Consulting
Docker Consulting
Kubernetes Consulting

Cloud migration

We will carve out logical cloud migration projects to provide incremental business benefit with minimal business disruption. Each project will be implemented with proper validation automation.

Infrastructure automation

Infrastructure automation is the process of scripting environments — from installing an operating system, to installing and configuring instances, to configuring how the instances and software communicate with one another, and much more. By scripting environments, you can apply the same configuration to a single node or to thousands. We will implement adequate automation to provide ease of maintenance and scaling.

Infrastructure and application managed services

Our cloud managed services provides you engineers who will help you maximize your cloud investment, through 24×7 ongoing management of infrastructure and applications for cost and consumption optimization, performance tuning and improved availability.

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