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Continuous QualitY





Functional testing

Our experienced quality assurance teams are specialized in providing robust functional testing across different industry verticals, and multiple application platforms. Our well structured testing approach leverages proven industry standards.

Performance testing

The more the number of users on your application, the better it is for your business. The question is, “Can your application handle the growing number of users?”. Even more importantly, does the application respond to its users in acceptable time? We can help you find out exactly where the threshold lies

SECURITY testing

Increased sophistication in software applications has also brought about more advanced techniques to break into them and jeopardize critical and confidential data. No software is 100% hack-proof. We believe in the ideology that countering an attack essentially means going one step ahead of the attacker. Our security testing team plays the role of the attacker to precisely find out loopholes within the software before others do.


A software architecture that extends to multiple platforms, communication layers, and devices with several functional and security requirements has made manual testing inadequate and labor intensive to validate frequent releases. A true automation strategy must cover the critical areas of the software, both seen and unseen. Resultech uses appropriate tools and techniques suited to meet the needs of each project. Wherever standard tools are inadequate, we use custom scripting to enhance the automation coverage.

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