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Be More Agile With DevOps

Learn the basics of DevOps and check out the link to the "State of DevOps" research report.

DevOps helps your dev teams and administrators work better together

DevOps 101

DevOps is a set of practices intended to reduce the time between committing a change to a system and the change being placed into normal production, while ensuring high quality.

5 Quick Facts About The State Of DevOps In 2019

Here are some quick facts from Check out a full recap here.

1. The Industry Continues to Improve, Particularly Among the Elite Performers: Proportion of high performers have tripled, now comprising 20% of all teams. This shows the improvement is real for those who really are doing the right things.

2. Delivering Software Quickly, Reliably and Safely Is at the Heart of Technology Transformation and Organizational Performance: It is evident that speed, stability and availability leads to organizational performance in terms of profitability, productivity and customer satisfaction.

3. The Best Strategies for Scaling DevOps in Organizations Focus on Structural Solutions that Build Community: High performers favor strategies that create community structures at both high and low levels of organization. Having established community of practices, having proof of concepts, helps them become more resilient and successful. Dojos are becoming more and more important.

4. Cloud Continues to Be a Differentiator for Elite Performers, and Drives High Performance: The use of cloud as defined by NIST Special Publication 800–145, is predictive of software delivery performance and availability. High performers are 24 times more likely to execute all five capabilities of cloud computing:

- On demand self-service

- Broad network access

- Resource pooling

- Rapid elasticity

- Measured service


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