DevOps Consulting Services
Resultech is a result oriented technology service provider specializing in DevOps services. We help teams build better software through infrastrcture automation, continuous quality, continuous integration, continuous delivery, and management of application & cloud infrastructure performance.
Why Resultech?

We specialize in DevOps services.  Our QA and Cloud centers of excellence constantly learn to keep abreast of the current technologies and best practices in their respective space.

track record

We have a highly referenceable customer base which can attest to our commitment to meeting client’s service level expectations.


Whether your team is under temporary pressure, or you prefer to keep your engineering team focused on application development rather than operations, Resultech can fill the gap.

our services
Continuous Quality
* Functional testing
* Performance testing
* Security testing
* Test automation
Cloud & Infrastructure
* Cloud infrastructure strategy and design
* Cloud migration
* Infrastructure automation
* Infrastructure and application managed services
Build Pipeline Automation
* Continuous Integration (CI)
* Continuous Delivery (CD)
Our work process

We work as a seamless extension of your Agile team to create long-term business value for our clients through regular practices aimed at win-win outcomes. We are always available to provide a great level of service


Purpose: Establish a foundation for a positive long term relationship and understand your team’s needs
Approach: Focused calls and meetings to understand your needs and alignment of these to your business goals and objectives. We listen carefully and engage actively, to clarify all questions and capture the details.


Purpose: Utilize our expertise to determine solution options
Approach: We work offline to come up with the most appropriate solutions to meet your needs, and follow up with your team to present recommendations and gather feedback to refine and narrow down to the right solution. We will do a proof of concept to demonstrate how we, and the proposed solution will work.


Purpose: Establish the working model
Approach: Adopt the agile cadence as part of your team(s). Deliver the service as designed. Set clear points of contacts.


Purpose: Maintain consistent service levels. Constantly improve.
Approach: Our working model is built for flexibility to evolve and meet the client’s ongoing needs. Effectiveness of our service is periodically reviewed & improved.